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Badge professionnel nominatif Iustus bleu (sans photo)
Badge professionnel nominatif Iustus bleu (sans photo)
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Guide for using the tool (See detailed guide here)


Ajoutez votre image de fond en l’étirant jusqu’au cadre bleu pour une impression jusqu’au bord de la carte.


Ajoutez/Placez/Modifiez vos textes et autres éléments (photos, logo, etc.) à l’intérieur de la ligne verte de sécurité.


Définissez la quantité, les options et accessoires que vous souhaitez ajouter à votre commande.


Ajoutez votre commande au panier pour ouvrir la fenêtre de vérification. (aperçu de la carte après la découpe ligne rouge).

High quality and durable plastic. Biodegradable: innovative toxin-free BIOPVC™, accelerated natural decomposition in fertile environment. NFC: Built-in inconspicuous microchip, allowing conta...
Dimensions final de votre impression avec ce support (ATTENTION: Sauvegardez votre modèle avant de charger une autre dimension. La sauvegarde ne sera pas compatible sur une autre dimension.)#...
Card thickness in millimeters
Choice of the type of cutting for the corners of your print. Rounded edges (standard) or Straight edges (only available on compatible products)
Indication on the printed sides included in your order
The "quadrichromy" or "Quadri" is the standard process of printing allowing the printing of the images in color. This process uses 4 basic colors. In particular Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Blac...
Clear Glossy or matte? The choice is yours. The glossy support reflects the light slightly and is available from the unit. The matte support reflects less light and is available from 100 copies.#!t...

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Impression carte badge professionnel personnalisé

Sans difficultés, sans utiliser une machine à badge à la quantité exacte que vous voulez acheter sans obligation minimum. Badge en plastique premium ou badge NFC, à vous de choisir ! Les références sont utilisables avec des accessoires porte badge professionnel rigide et souple que vous pouvez associer d’un cordon badge.

Imprimez votre badge professionnel qu'il vous faut sur carte plastique express PVC que vous pourrez aisément modifier suivant vos désirs grâce au modèle Iustus bleu 2.

Création du visuel de votre carte plastique sur-mesure de A à Z à partir de 35€HT Le paiement de vos impressions cartes plastique PVC peut se faire via carte bancaire, carte visa, mastercard, Paypal, virement bancaire et Mandat Administratif. Impression de carte pvc compatible avec la majorité des gels hydroalcooliques commercialisé actuellement.

Iustus name badge in blue for use with badge holder accessories:

When you need help with your business badge. This fully customisable model is really what you need at the best prices! The design on a high quality plastic card ensures superior condition and durability. Superior to what you can find with paper or laminated cardboard. Through Cardzprinter.com, your business badges on plastic card can be produced in any quantity you require. With our unique one-off design feature.

Customised badge printing service

From single, medium or large quantities. We are able to assist you with any PVC plastic card design program. And that's not all. Our customised badge card can also be combined with plastic badge accessories.
Another bargain, no matter how much you buy, we supply the accessories individually too!

A complete catalogue of pre-selected compatible badge holders just for you

At Cardzprinter, you can choose to save money by avoiding overflow and unfruitful costs. Would you like a different colour or design? Browse our design gallery for the largest selection of customised professional PVC badge designs in France. Or contact us and we'll take care of your customised design. All of these models can be combined with a wide range of badge accessories that you can adjust as a pack. Did we tell you that this plastic badge template is versatile?
Can be used as an association or club membership card. Our badge models can accompany you for most of your plans without much effort.

More details about your personalised badge card

Our personalised name tag card model in modern, brilliant colours will be the right accessory for you to show a professional appearance. This personalised business badge is unique. And its composition in PVC gives it a truly superior finish for a professional look. Robust and waterproof thanks to its material and good print quality. You can wear it in many circumstances!

The reason for its popularity is its international size of 86mm (length) x 54mm (width) by 0.76mm thick.

We deliver your PVC card order even internationally

At cardzprinter.co.uk, we deliver your orders for customised badges to any location in France. Whether in Paris, Thiais, Savigny-le-Temple, Vanves, Lanester, Le Petit-Quevilly, Le Mée-sur-Seine, Limeil-Brévannes, Aubagne, Livry-Gargan, Rezé or Bagnolet, and many more! You can choose your delivery destination even for outside the French zones directly online or by writing to our sales department for a price.

This 100% customizable design and the canvas associated with it (appearing in the same category) have been brought to your attention by the following queries used in previous searches:

Congress badge creation personalised; creation of identification badges for the public administration sector; online personalisation software; I would like to create a journalist card; online card software/badge; promotional label to be printed today; trade cards/badges; graphic designer presentation card and name badge loyalty card printerscheap pvc (plastic) badge and cheap paramedical card in small quantities.



Weight 5 g
Size 86 × 54 × 0,76 mm

Carte plastique PVC Blanche, Carte plastique PVC Blanche – Biodegradable (Eco-friendly), Carte plastique PVC Blanche – NTAG216 (NFC)

Available size

86mm x 54mm

Thickness (mm)




Printed side:

Both sides

Print colour

Quadri printing




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