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Carte premium plastique Privilegium rouge
Carte premium plastique Privilegium rouge
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Guide for using the tool (See detailed guide here)


Ajoutez votre image de fond en l’étirant jusqu’au cadre bleu pour une impression jusqu’au bord de la carte.


Ajoutez/Placez/Modifiez vos textes et autres éléments (photos, logo, etc.) à l’intérieur de la ligne verte de sécurité.


Définissez la quantité, les options et accessoires que vous souhaitez ajouter à votre commande.


Ajoutez votre commande au panier pour ouvrir la fenêtre de vérification. (aperçu de la carte après la découpe ligne rouge).

High quality and durable plastic. Biodegradable: innovative toxin-free BIOPVC™, accelerated natural decomposition in fertile environment. NFC: Built-in inconspicuous microchip, allowing conta...
Dimensions final de votre impression avec ce support (ATTENTION: Sauvegardez votre modèle avant de charger une autre dimension. La sauvegarde ne sera pas compatible sur une autre dimension.)#...
Card thickness in millimeters
Choice of the type of cutting for the corners of your print. Rounded edges (standard) or Straight edges (only available on compatible products)
Indication on the printed sides included in your order
The "quadrichromy" or "Quadri" is the standard process of printing allowing the printing of the images in color. This process uses 4 basic colors. In particular Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Blac...
Clear Glossy or matte? The choice is yours. The glossy support reflects the light slightly and is available from the unit. The matte support reflects less light and is available from 100 copies.#!t...

Order now to make your order :

- Shipped to 20 June [ECONOMIC]

- Shipped to 04 June [FAST]



Impression de Carte adhérent premium Privilegium en plastique PVC.

Sans imprimante carte et sans logiciel graphique à acheter. Créez vos cartes membres en ligne en quelques minutes. Dès l'unité à la quantité exacte que vous souhaitez à partir de 3€HT.

création-graphique-sur-mesure-carte-badge-pvc-a-imprimer fabrication-impression-cartes-badges-plastique-pvc-paiement-securise-cardzprinter

Personalized membership card with the Privilegium design in its red colour version:

Your membership card delivered within 48 hours. Online personalisation in a few clicks. No skills or knowledge required. Customer service available to answer your questions.
This sounds like the perfect place for your PVC membership card project, doesn't it?

Well, it's not an impression, you're in the right place to create a strong membership card.

Did you say a strong membership card?

You read that right! Your favourite made in France PVC card printer uses the best for your printing projects. Each association membership card is printed on a PVC plastic card. PVC is used in almost all printing projects for its resistance. Resistance to breakage thanks to its flexibility. Tear resistance due to its robustness.
Your map can follow you wherever you go. Whether it's on dry land (for Hiking clubs) or in the depths of the sea (for Scuba clubs).

What are the dimensions of the membership card?

Your membership card will be printed 86mm long, 54mm wide and 0.76mm thick. This is the exact equivalent of the current loyalty cards or bank cards.
No mistake, this is the card format you are looking for. Note that it is a format used all over the world. It has become such a popular format that it has become standardized.

Do you have other membership card models?

We offer a wide choice of club card models to personalise. Each membership card model available in our catalogue can be modified in your own way. You can even cover it completely with your image.
Add your logo, write your slogan, the name of your club or association, etc. You have full control over the information it will contain.

If you wish to go further in the model customisationIt's possible! Let's say you want it to be pink. You can contact us and we'll make the change for you with our Modulo service. It's as easy as 1-2-3, all you have to do is tell us the colour you want or send us an example image.

Is it possible to have a model created specifically for our club?

This is indeed possible. We have a graphic design service to answer exactly this type of request on estimate. Firstly you tell us your project (logo, colour, example, etc.). Secondly, we send you a quote for the various services we offer, starting at 35€ excluding VAT. You then choose the offer that best fits your budget and membership card project.
Finally, we deliver within a maximum of 7 working days.

Are there any places where you do not deliver orders?

We can deliver anywhere you need, even abroad. Everywhere. In all regions of France, such as Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Martinique or Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, etc. Especially since at cardzprinter your online print shopwe deliver to you your membership card orders per unit as soon as possible!

Handy when you want to get deliveries of membership cards as and when needed. Particularly when you have new members signing up.

In conclusion, the Privilegium model has a high level of graphics.

All in all, this model of membership card has everything to please. Plastic charm card template in red with yellow baroque ornaments at an attractive price per unit.
You can even use this membership card template to design a business badge. In short, this premium plastic card will be a real asset. Because it will help you leave a stylish impression and delight your members.

The following terms were used several times by different visitors. In fact, with the intention of achieving this search result :

start yourself its personalised membership cardcreation of business cards and VIP name badges; a printer specialising inPVC card printing in FranceI need a red and yellow membership card/badge; Professional badge manufacture online; I need a card/badge printer; where can I find professional event badges; red loyalty card printer if not blue; customised manufacturing and printing of vendor identification cards; How making plastic cards/padding (PVC) with photograph; professional badge accessory by the unit.

Weight 5 g
Size 86 × 54 × 0,76 mm

Carte plastique PVC Blanche, Carte plastique PVC Blanche – Biodegradable (Eco-friendly), Carte plastique PVC Blanche – NTAG216 (NFC)

Available size

86mm x 54mm

Thickness (mm)




Printed side:

Both sides

Print colour

Quadri printing




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