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A revolution is underway! Specialised in PVC plastic card printingCardzprinter supports companies of all sizes, whatever the size of their project. In this spirit, we listen to our customers' needs and always get closer to them. Your favourite PVC card printer has already developed a number of new professional services (CardzClub VIP client, unit packaging, unit printing, multiple recipient dispatch, etc.). Everything is designed to give you the tools to successfully print your PVC cards and badges. Everything well thought out, in just a few clicks and at the best prices.

In addition to accompanying you on your medium and large print runs, Cardzprinter is the ONLY printer who offers you to print from the unit avec autant de service de personnalisation.


Multiple uses thanks to our PVC card printing service

For all types of applications, professional name badges (identification badges, event badges, medical badges, press cards, hospital badges, construction badges, security badges, airport badges, etc.). As well as plastic labels (luggage, ready-to-wear, key rings, florists, markets, caterers, butchers, fishmongers, pallets, gifts, etc.). As for luxury business card printing (prestige, chic, professional) and connected business card printing (contactless RFID NFC). As well as the gift cards to be printed (business, shop, independent, e-commerce, etc.) and loyalty cards. We also print personalised advertising objects (photo souvenir card, wedding badge, birthday badge, announcement card, greeting card, etc.). Not forgetting membership cards (members, associations, clubs, etc.) and finally life cards (In Case of Emergency). In short, everything is possible in the quantity you want.


Impression carte pvc sur-mesure compatible avec du gel hydroalcoolique.

How to print on a plastic card? Is PVC card printing complicated?

At first glance, if you are not familiar with the process, printing on a PVC card can seem daunting. It is then the role of the printing professional, your printer, to make the task accessible to you. As a specialist in PVC card printing, we have put in place everything you need. All the tools and services you need for successful printing are here.

For professionals and beginners alike. An easy and user-friendly online personalisation tool. It allows you to create your own visuals and start making your PVC cards yourself. At any time.
In addition, it comes with thousands of professional customised templates to personalise. Your creations can be saved online for later use.


Today, printing a plastic card has never been easier.

Everything is set up to accompany you as closely as possible to your needs. But maybe you have a graphic designer's soul? Or maybe you have a graphic designer on hand in your team? In this regard, we have prepared a a complete guide to successful printing. First and foremost for the preparation of your print files. The Swiss Army knife of a successful PVC card printing project.

In this guide, we explain good practice step by step. After that, you will have concrete examples of what not to do. Also on the page of our guide, there are downloadable templates to simplify the work. This way, it's easier to concentrate on the creative part.

You may still want to be accompanied. Sometimes there is no time or the need for a guaranteed result. At Cardzprinter we offer a professional service. Carried out by experts in PVC card printing and at the best prices. Our first package starts at €35 excl.


Customisable templates for every PVC card printing project

With your models or with the help of our catalogue of more than one hundred of ready-to-use online templates . Managing your concepts with PVC plastic card printing has never been so flexible! To take it a step further, Cardzprinter also allows you to match your plastic card designs with accessories. So much so that a catalogue full of badge holders and accessories (necklace, hard badge holder, soft badge holder, etc.) also available individually if desired.

Personnalisation de votre modèle de carte plastique et badge PVC à partir de 14.90€HT avec le pack graphique Modulo.

The creation and printing of loyalty cards for all

Customer retention is rightly about customer loyalty to your brand. To this day, it sounds obvious when you say it. And you are right in thinking that a loyalty card can be the solution. Your Cardzprinter printer will provide you with expert, personalised printing of your loyalty card.

As experts in PVC cards, we have all the experience necessary to help you succeed with your loyalty card printing.
By placing your order via our online tool, your new PVC card can be personalised from start to finish.

This means that you can have loyalty cards with a name. Your cards can also be numbered for example. To take another example, it is possible to have bar codes with the encoding of your choice. (EAN 8/13, Code 39/128, QR code, etc.)
The decision will be yours until the final printing of your card.

With no minimum purchase, you can already order loyalty cards without complex options. Complex personalisation options are for example hot foil stamping, embossing, etc. To order loyalty cards with these options, you will need to request a quote.

Your manufacturer, a specialist in PVC cards, can now support you from A to Z. In this spirit, we can design your loyalty cards for you. Especially since our teams work on plastic cards every day.
In short, it is experts in PVC card printing at your service.


Printing your business badge is easy via our online tool

From a blank pro badge template or with ready-made templates in the same way. In other words, with ease. And there are virtually no limits to the changes you can make to your business badge.

Add any text for your custom printed badge. Add your own images and photos of staff and others. Put in a Qr Code or a custom code of your own design. All this is possible through our online customisation tool.

Ready-to-use templates without delay. So much so that you have a huge choice of colours and styles of custom templates. There is bound to be a template to suit your needs. Whether it's a nurse badge or a security guard badge.

In the context of your project, your need may be very specific. Assuming that our custom templates are not suitable. In the event that this is the case, we also do custom design for your business badge design.

You describe your idea to us, with sketches or existing examples for example. Then we realize it within 7 days maximum. Simple, clear and professional. In this field, our expertise will be an asset to your team for every professional badge printing. In addition to this, we are quick to respond and particularly affordable, starting at 35€ VAT.


Would you like to print a membership card for your association?

For a membership card The PVC plastic card is the best choice for a personalised card because of its robustness and premium quality. Having tried the paper version, it is easy to see the disadvantages for these reasons.
In light of this information, you are making the right choice by choosing this medium for a membership card print.
Via our online tool, you are free to create your own personalised membership card after all.

Not to mention the possibility of making a plastic card printing by the unit. Indeed, this new service will be very useful in many situations. Imagine being able to print a membership card as the association has new members. It should be noted that it is possible to lose your members' cards.
Previously, when a card was lost, a minimum quantity had to be waited for before a new card could be printed.
This is no longer necessary thanks to your PVC card printing company.

Ready-to-use online templates for successful membership card printing

You can start printing your own cards now, with or without a template. From our membership card templates, it is possible to completely customise them online. No need for complex or expensive graphic software anymore.

Whether it is for a football club, a boxing club, a golf club, a hiking club or a shooting club. There is a model that may be suitable for you.
As far as associations are concerned, it is exactly the same. Assuming that it is an alumni association, a non-profit association, a sports association or an animal association.

Printing a personalised greeting card has become very easy and affordable. Starting at 2€ per card, our prices are degressive according to the quantity. Printing the card of a humanitarian association or an association to be and share is not out of price in these conditions.

Our support can go further. In order to help you achieve your goal, we have adapted graphic services. In other words, you can entrust us with the creation of a tailor-made model of your membership card from 35€ HT.
Expert PVC card printers who can turn your idea into reality. Your print-ready artwork is delivered without any lengthy delays. After submitting your requests, you will receive the artwork in as little as 7 working days.


A must for professionals, the creation of gift cards

The undisputed star of the festive season, it is your best ally in winning new customers. Many companies make 80% of their turnover at the end of the year, which proves that the stakes are real.

Scheduling a printing of your business gift card is an important step in the growth of your business. This is why the giants of commerce (Amazon, Darty, FNAC, etc.) have not hesitated to launch their gift card creation.
Indeed, what gift is better than having the possibility to choose what you want? For these reasons, the gift card is one of the favourite gifts of French people of all ages. So much so that it is not only retailers and professionals who use them.

The creation of gift cards is now becoming more democratic. Thanks to our individual printing service, individuals wishing to offer a personalised and original gift card can do so.
It is becoming increasingly popular for Valentine's Day, for example. With a photo souvenir printed on the card. Accompanied by a specific message to the lucky recipients.

Until now, gift card creation was only available to large retailers. Now, gift card printing is available to professionals and retailers of all sizes. All this thanks to our service with PVC plastic card printing per unit. When you want to start your gift card design, hundreds of customisable online templates are at your disposal. Customise a gift card print easily and without delay.

It is also possible to entrust us with the creation of your layouts through our graphic design service. This is probably the most complete service since it is managed by experts in PVC card printing. Depending on the specificity of your projects, we will provide you with our expertise for the success of your objectives.


PVC plastic cards with French printing quality

Production of French cards (standard plastic cards, NFC plastic cards, gold and shiny silver plastic cards, LO-CO and HI-CO magnetic plastic cards, round or oblong perforated plastic cards, etc.). In short, high quality with all the French know-how. Moreover, our proximity and reactivity allow us to be able to deliver your order urgently the next day before 1pm.

Création de A à Z du visuel de votre carte plastique pvc à partir de 35€HT. Impression carte PVC de qualité quarantie.

Innovative PVC card printing services

Constantly evolving, Cardzprinter innovates and renews printing on custom-made plastic cards in particular with its new service plastic card printing by the unit.

A clear service that allows you to print the exact quantity you need in total. Simply print as you go.

We welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit to our site.


A project for a professional card?

Everything you need to succeed in your business card printing project. A printer specifically specialised in PVC card printing is at your service.

As experts in our field, we will be happy to assist you in the success of your card printing.


Learn more about our services
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360° support for your PVC card printing projects

At your online printing company Cardzprinter, our aim is of course to support you from the start. As soon as your plastic card printing project begins.

Whatever the project, the start of the project is always a crucial moment. In theory, there are many parameters that need to be taken into account. These include the amount of card to be printed to get started and the cost of the project.

At Cardzprinter, we innovate our services to meet your PVC card printing needs as closely as possible. That's why we allow you to print quantities of plastic cards of less than 50 cards. In fact, you can print your PVC cards and badges from the unit. From now on, you can create a personalised plastic card from as little as 2€HT.

Plastic card printing service ?

Today, thanks to our know-how and expertise, we are the only ones to offer a fully autonomous unit printing service. With the help of our online tool and our unbeatable prices, you can start your PVC card project at a lower cost. This is very convenient and rightly so, as it allows you to have complete control over the budget for launching your concept. Starting under these conditions is ideal for all project owners.

Additional services for your PVC card printing projects

For all creative customers, direct access to our online tool to place your orders. This same tool can also be used to create your card from scratch.
To help you, a directory of customisable models with a total of over 500 references. And even more colours.

Wide choice of models for your PVC cards and badges

Templates for all tastes and projects. For associations and clubs, hundreds of templates for membership cards, association membership cards, club cards, association badges, membership cards, etc.
In the same way as for online professional badges. We have plastic badge models for nurses, pharmacy badges, care worker badges, company badges, personal badges, nurses' aides, etc.
To take another example, it's the same for printable gift cards and loyalty cards. All our PVC card designs can be personalised directly online.

You have control over your printing project

From our website, print your PVC cards and badges with personalization easily. For example: First name, Last name, Address, Phone, etc.
You can also encode your plastic NFC cards to create a connected business card for example. VCARD format thanks to an encoding service on quotation or yourself via your smartphone.
Our cards can also be reprint compatible for your customers with a thermal card printer. The option to be mentioned is more precisely called "thermal printer compatibility".

Plastic cards in a variety of shapes and colours

You have probably already seen plastic cards or badges with special shapes. In order to obtain this result for your personalised cards we carry out a die-cutting process. Many services, like this one among others, are available on request.
Our services are constantly evolving to make you independent on our platform. They will be added regularly in order to accompany you further and further.


Professional services - Create your business card

Printing is a job for the enthusiast. We go one step further and specialise in PVC cards. As a true expert in plastic cards, we put all our knowledge at your disposal.

Contact us for a quote on your business card project !



At your Cardzprinter we want to be there for you when your plastic card printing idea begins. Whatever the goal, getting started is always a crucial moment where many parameters need to be taken into account. Not least the quantity needed to get started and the design cost.

Afin d’être au plus proche de vos besoins réels, Cardzprinter innove et se différencie de ses confrères imprimeurs. Nous vous accompagnons d’ores et déjà sur des quantités inférieures à 100 cartes plastiques si votre concept l’exige. Autrement dit, nous sommes les premiers à vous proposer un service d’impression carte PVC à l’unité.


PVC business card printing with a specialist

Our know-how and our unbeatable rates mean that from the outset of your project you will not have to invest an uncontrolled budget which can have a considerable impact on the realisation of your projects.

We also offer a number of exclusive additional services, some of which are already available per unit. Stand out from your competitors with plastic cards that are more resistant, even to water, than their paper and cardboard counterparts.

Creative freedom for your PVC card printing via our online tool

Print your cards and badges with different personal information per card (name, first name, telephone number, etc.) with personalization, encode your NFC plastic cards even in VCARD format with NFC card encoding, reprint your customers' name cards yourself on your premises thanks to our thermal printer-compatible printing option, create cards and badges in the shape you want thanks to our die-cutting service, our catalogue of public tailor-made services is constantly growing to best meet your needs

A team dedicated to the success of your business card printing

To meet your expectations, a catalogue of customisable plastic card models is already available in the Our products gallery. Updated and renewed every month, more than 300 model references (gift cards to be printed, professional badges, personalised business cards, press cards, student cards, association membership cards, loyalty cards, etc.)

Many more services will be available in the future, visit our Services page to find out more and subscribe to our Newsletter to be informed of their early availability.

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