Life card - A card that can save lives

No big commercial promises, just pragmatism.

How to communicate useful information in case of loss of consciousness?

This card contains the information you want. It is 100% customisable. Add as much information as you like.

With this card, you have the possibility to communicate useful information to the people around you in case of emergency.

Useful for both adults and children

 Does your child have any allergies? A special medical condition? Thanks to this card, this information can be available at all times.

Your telephone number, doctor's number, list of allergies, etc. Fill in any information you think is useful.

This card can save lives and even those of your loved ones

We don't always think about it, but what happens to our pets when we can't prevent them from being left alone?

By creating your animal alert cardIn this way, you can easily indicate who to contact in case of an emergency. Very useful if you can no longer communicate them yourself.


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