Design and printing of professional badges with badge holders

We have compiled a catalogue of products and accessories for professional badge holders to help you create your own badge. To date, we have selected the most popular ones, some of which are available from 0.90€ each!

You can now consult our directory of customizable models. You will find a wide range of badges in the category nurse badge, nursing badge, pharmacy badge, trade fair badge, trainee badge, and many others ideal for the creation of your professional badge. They are also compatible with our badge holder accessories professional of course.

Improve your company's image and project today with just a few clicks.

By way of the  rigid badge holder portrait or landscape orientation, with or without perforation, with or without slide. The flexible badge holder A6 and 86x54mm format. But also the conference badge holder with pin and metal clip. Or the crocodile clip neck badge holder, neck size hook and loop carabiner available in a wide range of professional colours.

Services and products designed for professionals

It is also possible at Cardzprinter to make a printable choker with the colour and image (logo, etc.) of your choice.

In addition, we have selected for you the essential professional badge holder accessories to save you time. From the neck badge holder to the storage tray. Everything you need to carry and organise your business badges wherever you need them.

Single print - Save money by ordering just what you need

We also offer a range of model of professional name badge that can be personalised (in French PVC plastic card).
In just a few clicks you can create your customizable pro badge (pharmacy badges, company badges, press cards, nurses' badges, building site badges, trade fair badges, etc.) which you can accompany or not with a professional badge accessory. Many personalisation options are also available.

We consider these services to be logical for professionals in this day and age. But don't take our word for it, put us to the test.

Questions or specific needs? Contact our customer service without delay for an express response!

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