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Catalogue of fully customisable printable greeting and gift card templates

⇓⇓ Create your greeting card and gift card to be printed in 2 minutes with our customisable plastic card templates below ⇓⇓.

Add the conditions you like for your batch of printable gift card The creation of a personalised gift card or your most beautiful photos for your greeting card is very simple via our online tool. Select the personalised gift card template you like, add/edit/delete the text on it, add the images you want and place them wherever you like. All that's left to do is to choose the plastic card printing medium you want. You can choose between white pvc plastic card and the white pvc NFC plastic card. For gift card printing, some models are compatible with the plastic card pvc silver.

The least we can say is that at Cardzprinter, you have a choice for make a gift card ! So much so that we offer a wide range of templates for printing personalised gift cards.
Whatever your taste in gift card design, our expertise in plastic gift cards will help you succeed in all your projects.

Information on the medium used and the time required to print the gift cards

In fact, we attach particular importance to the printing quality of our cards, but also to the quality of the PVC substrate, which is why we print on plastic cards that have been cut from premium quality PVC plastic.
The design of your gift card will be enhanced by the quality of our PVC and the popular standard business card format (86x54mm and 0.76mm thick).

Gift card printing is a serious matter. Indeed, sometimes urgency and speed of delivery are key to the success of your project. That's why each of your personalised gift cards can be delivered within 48 hours.
In fact, a next day delivery of your gift cards is possible with our urgent processing service in Paris as well as in all cities of France. (Montpellier; Marseille; Dreux; Brest; Fort-de-France; Toulouse; Aubervilliers; Auch; Saint-Louis; Givors; Remire-Montjoly; Verdun; Joué-lès-Tours or Saint-Benoît; etc.)