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Impression carte plastique Blanche – Paysage
Impression carte plastique Blanche – Paysage
5 / 5 (9 avis)

Guide for using the tool (See detailed guide here)


Ajoutez votre image de fond en l’étirant jusqu’au cadre bleu pour une impression jusqu’au bord de la carte.


Ajoutez/Placez/Modifiez vos textes et autres éléments (photos, logo, etc.) à l’intérieur de la ligne verte de sécurité.


Définissez la quantité, les options et accessoires que vous souhaitez ajouter à votre commande.


Ajoutez votre commande au panier pour ouvrir la fenêtre de vérification. (aperçu de la carte après la découpe ligne rouge).

High quality and durable plastic. Biodegradable: innovative toxin-free BIOPVC™, accelerated natural decomposition in fertile environment. NFC: Built-in inconspicuous microchip, allowing conta...
Dimensions final de votre impression avec ce support (ATTENTION: Sauvegardez votre modèle avant de charger une autre dimension. La sauvegarde ne sera pas compatible sur une autre dimension.)#...
Card thickness in millimeters
Choice of the type of cutting for the corners of your print. Rounded edges (standard) or Straight edges (only available on compatible products)
Indication on the printed sides included in your order
The "quadrichromy" or "Quadri" is the standard process of printing allowing the printing of the images in color. This process uses 4 basic colors. In particular Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Blac...
Clear Glossy or matte? The choice is yours. The glossy support reflects the light slightly and is available from the unit. The matte support reflects less light and is available from 100 copies.#!t...

    Order now to make your order :

    - Shipped to 08 July [ECONOMIC]

    - Shipped to 20 June [FAST]



    Impression cartes plastiques personnalisée et professionnel, en quelques clics.

    Impression de vos réalisations sur le meilleur support de cartes plastiques. Sans machine à badge et à la quantité exacte que vous recherchez sans obligation minimum.
    Ce support PVC de qualité premium est utilisé dans de très nombreux domaines et projets. Tel que pour la création de carte adhérent association, la réalisation de carte cadeau à imprimer ou la fabrication d'objet de film sur PVC. Cette carte/ badge vierge est également utilisée pour la fabrication de carte professionnelle (badge pro, badge événementiel, badge entreprise, carte de presse, etc.). Compatible avec notre catalogue d'accessoires porte badge.

    création-graphique-sur-mesure-pour-impression-cartes-plastiques impression-cartes-plastiques-compatible-gel-hydroalcoolique paiement-securise-cardzprinter-fabrication-impression-cartes-plastiques-pvc-

    Design the card of your dreams from scratch, even without a blank badge printer, with our plastic card printing service:

    You want to start a plastic card printing project and you are wondering if it is the right medium. It's a legitimate question and the answer is just as legitimate. YES, it is the best card!
    This blank badge holder is without doubt the most popular in the world. It is used in so many areas that it would take a book to list them all.

    This card is so common that you have at least 3 of them. The most common use is the bank card. There is also the loyalty cardthe plastic gift cardprofessional cards, the trade fair badges and event management, access cards, and membership cardsThe list goes on and on: luxury business cards, collectible game cards, greeting cards, VIP invitation cards, cinema card/badge accessories.

    It is compatible with many of the badge holder accessories available in our catalogue.

    A PVC plastic support to print thousands of original card designs

    The versatility of this blank badge card makes it a powerful ally for the success of your project. At your online printer Cardzprinter, we allow you to go even further. With our plastic card printing service. From now on, you can create cards that are completely different from each other. No limits to your creativity. This service is convenient for the creation of name cards as well as for the creation of cards with a unique graphic design per card.

    Manufacturing of access cards for companies and hotels

    On the one hand, perhaps a concrete example will be more convincing. Imagine, for example, that for your company you want to make access badges with different accreditations. A nice and visual way to do this would be to have a colour code per card. Once again, our PVC card printing service will be very useful. Knowing that your employees may change and/or have evolutions in their accreditations.
    In this example, the access cards can be nominative. In accordance with your needs, they can be with a photo, a code and all the information deemed necessary.

    Customised price tag printing

    On the other hand, there are professions where their price tags need to be regularly handled and cleaned. Such as creating a price tag for florists, caterers, fishmongers, delicatessens, greengrocers, as well as those who work in markets. There are many others with equally specific needs for their price tags.

    Customisable price tags printed on PVC card are ideal. Indeed, printing on plastic cards perfectly meets the need for resistance to humidity. This is one of the main advantages of PVC plastic card manufacturing.

    In fact, our PVC plastic card design service will be even more advantageous for your custom price tag printing. Because each card can then be with unique information. So you can have each label completely personalised and tailored to your needs. Generally speaking, the variable information printed on the label is the price (per unit or per kilo), the name of the product, its ingredients/seasoning, its origin.

    It is now possible to add a photo of each of your products to your personalised label. A more sales-oriented setting that could bring you additional sales. For example, you can illustrate your product after preparation on the print of your plastic card. This could be in order to give your customers ideas about consumption.

    Creation and printing of membership cards (club, association, political party, etc.)

    When we talk about PVC cards, we also think of membership cards. They are printed to give our members a sense of belonging. This is an increasingly important step when you want a personal investment from your members. Whether it is a membership card for a political party, a non-profit organisation, a football club or a golf club.

    As you will have understood, this PVC plastic card has all the qualities required to meet this need. Whether in terms of the quality of the PVC substrate or the quality of the printing.

    Used this PVC support to create a personalized membership card for a club martial arts, athletics, rowing, bandy, baseball, basketball, English boxing, canoeing, cricket, lacrosse, fencing, floorball, football, American football, Australian rules football, football, and other sports.equitationThe following sports can be played in a club: futsal, gymnastics, handball, field or ice hockey (men's or women's), swimming, water sports, ringuette, rink hockey, in-line hockey, rollersoccer, seven-a-side rugby, XIII or XV rugby, tambourine ball, tennis, table tennis, archery, triathlon, volleyball, as well as water polo.

    What are the dimensions of my plastic card printing?

    This white plastic card (blank badge) is 86x54mm and 0.76mm thick. Its dimensions allow this card The blank PVC badge is compatible with the majority of badge holders on the market and in our catalogue.

    Thus our PVC plastic card printing is carried out on both sides in high definition.

    How does the shipping work? Do you also deliver abroad?

    Anywhere in France (ParisWe can deliver to any destination in France (e.g. Carpentras, Savigny-le-Temple, Brunoy, La Madeleine, Calais, Clichy, Vincennes, Eysines, Compiègne, Savigny-sur-Orge or La Ciotat, etc.) as well as outside France (Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia, Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, etc.). We deliver as soon as possible to your home or workplace. You can determine your delivery location when you order online or by contacting our sales department for a quote.

    In other words, we are not only specialised in PVC plastic card printing. We are also very attentive to your needs for reactivity.
    That's why we do everything we can to meet your needs. In this sense, we are able to deliver your plastic card prints the next day before 1pm.

    In order to obtain this result and to discover our large number of designs, the various visitors could use the following search queries:

    make your own personalized badge; blank badge for printing the information of our company; I am looking for a printer who does card printing plastic for my project; have my own professional custom badge; I need a trade show card/badge to customize; I want to make a creation of a gift card to be printed express delivery; where to print film objects on PVC plastic cards; where to get a cheap personalised badge necklace;

    I need a company specialising in the production of business cards and name badge; I want to create filming accessories such as secret card access badges; How to make card prints I would like to print my medical emergency toilet card (apted) on a plastic card; print a health pass on a rigid support; acquire a durable badge holder; Premium pvc card printer in small quantities for personalised price tags; printing of health passes on plastic cards; how to make professional plastic badges with photo ID; where to print my health pass on a plastic pvc card; professional badge accessory by unit.

    Weight 5 g
    Size 86 × 54 × 0,76 mm

    Carte plastique PVC Blanche, Carte plastique PVC Blanche – Biodegradable (Eco-friendly)

    Available size

    86mm x 54mm

    Thickness (mm)

    0.76mm (ISO standard)



    Printed side:

    Both sides

    Print colour

    Quadri printing


    Glossy, Matt (from 100 copies)

    9 reviews for Impression carte plastique Blanche – Paysage

    1. muratalain (verified owner) -

      The tool is easy to use and the result is perfect. You can order by the unit (one of the only sites that does this). Fast delivery. Only good stuff

    2. Samuel (verified owner) -

      A perfect site and interface. Excellent customer care. A very fast production and delivery time and an optimal result. It's a faultless job, congratulations Cardzprinter and see you soon for new orders!

    3. Jérôme (verified owner) -

      The site is very well constructed. The cards I ordered are superb. Very nice work and the deadlines are respected.
      I recommend Cardzprinter to everyone.

    4. my phung (verified owner) -

      I just placed the order because of the good reviews. The site is very well done and easy to use for me who knows very little about computers. I am waiting for the delivery to see if they respect the deadline.

      Congratulations again for the concept of the unit and the easy handling

      Cmp of Lyon

    5. julien.poncet38 (verified owner) -

      nickel double-sided printing
      successful test
      we prepare bigger

    6. LAMBORGHINI CLUB LUXEMBOURG (verified owner) -

      Perfect commercial relations and a lot of patience from the same sales department, as it was a first order and little knowledge of the printing world. The results were TOP: perfect work, shorter than expected delivery time, careful shipping.
      I highly recommend this company and will promote it.

    7. nguyen.pascal (verified owner) -

      Can be ordered individually, and is an easy-to-use tool. You can create your own card by importing an image from the computer (remember to see the instructions, especially to use an image that fills the whole frame).

      The price per unit is relatively low, which makes you want to order very large quantities (not least because the delivery cost is higher than the cost of the card itself).

      Make sure you choose the type of delivery though. 15 working days means that it will take at the latest 3 weeks for the order to be shipped (although I received my order a little earlier than expected).

    8. ifembordeaux (verified owner) -

      Easy to contact, analysis of the need and efficient response with full consideration of my constraints (deadlines, budget, etc.). Super practical online tool. This first approach won me over. I recommend it! Great!

    9. gassamaboubou6 (verified owner) -

      To be honest, we have been working with Cartzprinter for a year now without any regrets, after having placed several orders. The result is very satisfying, always fast for the treatment as well as the delivery, me and my associates are very very happy by the quality of this service (price, staff, and always listening to the customers...)
      I highly recommend it, so give it a try!

    Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

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