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Catalogue of the best PVC plastic card printing media from unit

⇓⇓ The most popular PVC plastic card materials for all your single card printing needs. ⇓⇓

Your favourite online printer offers you the best of the best in PVC cards. From the vast choice of references available, we have selected the best and most popular for you. As a specialist in PVC card printing, we work tirelessly to offer you the best possible user experience.

A powerful online tool and stand-alone PVC card printing

Thanks to our online tool, we allow you to import your creations independently. Whatever the time, you are free to manage your orders at your own pace.
As each project is unique, we even offer one-off printing. Printing your plastic cards should not be complicated. At Cardzprinter, you can finally manage your printing projects in a matter of minutes without delay.

You have not created your visual? Would you like to use a tool to do so?

You are in the right place! Our tool allows you to import all your images with ease. Just 3 clicks.
Would you like to import your logo? You can do that. Want to add text? As easy as saying it.
In fact, you don't even have to do it yourself. We offer professional graphic design services starting at 35€ HT. Practical and economical when you want to save time and quality.
Printing on PVC cards should always be this easy.

Unit printing? Do you print on plastic cards by the unit?

That's right! You've got it right. In fact, it is one of our specialities. Faced with the demand from small entities. We have worked on our offer in order to meet this demand.
What to do when you need 5 trade show badges? What do you do when you have an association with 1/2 new registrations throughout the year? Where is it possible to create cards/badges with one-off personalisation as you go along?
In this sense, we have set up the largest single plastic card printing service. In addition, you no longer need to buy expensive and costly machinery.

Handpicked PVC card materials with multiple uses

In our premium card catalogue you will find the best of the best. Cards PVC blank. With or without perforation. Round or oblong perforation. Silver or gold glitter cards. Cards with NFC chip.
In this respect, NFC (RFID) cards are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. Compatible with smartphones, they allow for limitless applications. Such as the connected business card, which can be held up to a phone to transmit data. The contactless payment of your bank cards. Public transport cards, such as the PassNavigo. And many more.

Are you looking for a medium that is not in our directory?

We present the most popular ones online and offer the others by quotation. Just send us an e-mail and we will give you more information.
Only a tiny fraction of what we are able to process is currently online.
Your PVC card printing project is in good hands.

A wide range of services and products to support you

With your own graphics and using our templates, we are sure to have a card that is just right for you.
Our white plastic card will be your universal companion for all your printing projects.
The white NFC plastic card will also help you with your contactless concepts.
Overall, whether you want to create a loyalty card, make a business badge, design a membership card or make a gift card for printing, we have a product that will suit you.
We offer ready-to-use customisable templates.
For the design of plastic cards, we have selected 2 glossy materials, the Gold plastic card and the Silver plastic card.

Once my order is complete, how long will it take you to ship it?

We present you with a variety of processing & shipping options to best meet your needs.
A pressing need? We most certainly have the processing time you or your institution require.
Our processing times are displayed when you order online or via our sales department.
Not in a hurry? That's fine. We also offer economical delivery times for your PVC card printing orders.



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